Lenders can offer their home loans as part of a package. Lenders have different names for these packages including the Wealth, Advantage, Premier Advantage, Breakfree, and Home Package Plus.

These packages, normally for an annual fee, offer interest rate discounts, waiver application and ongoing monthly fees, and offer additional fee waivers and discounts on other products and services the lender may offer.

The primary advantage of a packaged home loan is the interest rate discount. For large home loans with lower loan to value ratio (LVR) this can be substantial. Packaged loans can also be beneficial to borrowers who have multiple home loans or home loan splits due to the fee waivers.

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The following are advantages related to most packaged loans:

  • Interest rate discounts for the life of the loan.
  • Application and ongoing monthly fee waiver.
  • Additional fee waivers and interest rate discounts on other products and services provided by the lender.


The following are disadvantages related to most packaged loans:

  • The annual package fee can increase.
  • Can be more expensive than a basic variable rate loan if all the additional options are not required.