Keypoint’s Loan Check service assists clients with the review of their current loans. A loan review provides the borrower with confidence that their current loan or loans are providing the value expected and that they are still appropriate to their current financial circumstances.

The following are reasons why you should have your loan reviewed:

  • Your financial circumstances have changed and you want to ensure that your current loan is still appropriate
  • You want to ensure that you are not paying for features you don’t need
  • Your current loan doesn’t provide the features that you are seeking
  • You want to ensure that your current home loan represents the best possible value, especially in respect to interest rate and fee charges
  • You are frustrated with the inadequate service of your current loan provider
  • Your don’t seem to be making a significant reduction in your loan

Whatever your circumstance, Keypoint will help you by reviewing your current loan or loans to ensure they meet your needs.

Call us now to set up a no obligation free consultation to review your current lending facility.