One of the main stumbling blocks to getting your own home is a deposit. Many people find it hard to save with the financial pressures of rent, bills and personal debt.

With most lenders requiring at least 5% deposit and the cost of stamp duty and other associated costs on the purchase of a property this will be the first hurdle to owning your own home.

Budgeting is the most effective way to build your savings and manage your finances. Keypoint can assist you with starting and managing a budget.

Our budget planning service will help you:

  • Determine your net monthly income,
  • Set up your regular savings goal, and
  • Categorise and manage your expenses

Check out our budgeting information in our Knowledge Centre. This will provide you with an insight into how an effective budget can be put together and managed.

If you would like us to help you get started with your budget give Keypoint a call now.